Jedi Order


The Jedi Order was an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization unified by its belief and observance of the Force, specifically the light side. The Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic, and became perhaps the most well known of the various groups that relied on the Force for their power. Led by a series of Jedi Councils, the Order grew over the millennia despite facing many trials.

At the height of a separatist crisis, the Republic was split in two and a war engulfed the galaxy. During the Clone Wars, the Republic’s armies were once again led by the Jedi. During the war’s first battle, nearly two hundred Jedi died before Master Yoda and a Clone army arrived to assist them. After nearly three years, the course of the war swung in the Republic’s favor, and total victory for the Jedi and the Republic seemed in sight.

Then, as per the Empire’s propaganda machine, the Jedi Order reveals their true intentions in coup to overthrow the Republic government. After a failed assassination attempt on Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, the Cancellor issued Order 66 ziti have the entire order arrested. The Jedi resisted, leaving most of their order dead, some arrested, and a few pledging their loyalty to Palpatine’s New Order. This would later be refered to as the Jedi Purge. A year later, Emperor Palpatine announced that the Jedi scourge had finally been eliminated.

All references and historical data on the Jedi have been expunged or blacklisted from public records, leaving the Jedi a myth with history and public mythology in just eighteen short years.

At least that’s what the Empire wants the galaxy to think…

Jedi Order

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